Monday, June 30, 2008

Eimiile Hart to start Rural Bio Med Outreach

Rural Outreach Expands to Oklahoma
ARI Program Reaches Rural Areas in the "Sooner" state

My name is Eimile Hart and I'm from Norman, Oklahoma.

I am thrilled and honored to be a Rural Outreach Consultant for ARI. I look forward to the challenge and the rewards of helping others learn that Autism is Treatable and that our children can in fact get better.

There is such a need in our state of Oklahoma to inform families, doctors, and educators of the hope of biomedical interventions and healing for our children, especially in rural areas. I am planning my first outreach event in Chickasha, OK in mid-July.

About Eimilie:
I am married with four children: Gillian 7, Liam 5, Aidan and Sean 4 - Aidan and Sean are our twin boys with autism. They were diagnosed with mild/moderate autism at 2½, and we immediately intervened after coming across ARI's website. We continue using biomedical interventions under the supervision of our doctor to heal our boys. We are also doing numerous therapies including intensive ABA, Speech, OT, hippotherapy, video-modeling, and floor-time as well. Since starting interventions two years ago, Aidan and Sean are doing fantastic! They are very social - they have great speech, and they are starting conversation. They now have wonderful pretend play, they love to share, and they are starting to bond with each other the way brothers should - I am so amazed by them every day.

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